Camera Systems

No matter if it's your home or business, Southern Iowa Technologies can install camera systems to help you monitor what's important to you. We offer an assortment of cameras with a variety of functions and can find what is best for your location.

4K Network Security Systems

The 4 MP and 4K cameras support:
  • Maximum IR length of 30 m (98 ft) with Smart IR
  • Intelligent video system
  • IP67 environmental protection
The 4K Network Video Recorder offers:
  • An embedded quad-core processor
  • Smart H.265+ and Smart H.264+ Dual Codec
  • 8 MP resolution for preview and playback
  • 80 Mbps incoming bandwidth

The Network Security System contains four 4 megapixel Eyeball cameras and two 4K Dome Network cameras with one 8-Channel 4K Network Video Recorder. The system captures motion detection, alarms and collects recordings. The 4 MP cameras have a maximum resolution of 20 frames per second with a 2.8 fixes lens, and the two 4K cameras contain 9 MP with a maximum resolution of 15 fps with a 2.8 mm fixed lens. The system has the ability to connect to cameras within the same network.

2MP Color 3.6 mm ePoE Bullet with Night Color

  • Smart H.265+ and Smart H.265+ dual sensor
  • 3.6 mm fixed lens with 1080p at 60 fps
  • ePoE technology
  • Five-year warranty

Surveying 24 hours, the camera has night color technology, and the STARVIS™ sensor provides the color details no matter how light or dark the environment is. Through its protection and vandal resistant material, the user can trust the camera will function through harsh weather and mechanical issues. It's best for monitoring casino floors, parking lots, building exteriors and interiors, educational facilities and urban streets.

2x2 MP IR Dual-Sensor Dome Camera

  • Two 1/2.8 inch lenses with H.265 and H.264 dual codecs
  • Spans multiple directions with True Wide Dynamic Range
  • Durable in extreme weather and all types of lighting
  • Best for monitoring an entire hallway or a street

4MP IR 30x PTZ

  • 30x optical zoom lens monitors mid to long-distance views
  • Smart H.265+ and H. 264 video compression encoding
  • IP67 Ingress Protection and IK10 Vandal Resistance
  • ePoE+ technology support

The pan/tilt/zoom option allows the camera to stay focused on moving objects and can span multiple directions through Wide Dynamic Range. For users to move the camera in any direction, they can either control it by the click of their mouse or from their cell phone. Having a built-in heater and a temperature range of -40°F to 140°F, the camera is prepared for any weather condition. With the day/night IR cut filter, scenes can be visible through every light spectrum.

4x2 MP IR 180° Multi-Sensor Panoramic IP Dome

  • Four 2MP STARVIS™ sensors surveying 180°
  • Display shows contrast, backlight compensation, white balance an
  • Triple-stream encoding with Smart H.265+ compression
  • Replaces need for multiple single-sensor cameras
  • Best for vast areas such as parking lots

6MP IR 2.8 mm ePoE Mini Dome

  • Spans multiple directions with Wide Dynamic Range
  • Smart H.265+ and H.264 Dual Codecs
  • ePoE technology
  • Five year warranty

With the IP67 Ingress protection system, the mini dome is protected through harsh weather conditions. It continues to function in all lighting because of the Day/Night IR Cut filter to present clear images to its user.

4MP IR 2.8 mm IP Wedge

  • Video system with facial identification
  • Built-in microphone
  • Micro SD memory slot
  • Smart H.265+ and H.264 Dual Codecs
  • Onboard analytics

The Smart IR technology installed in this camera allows objects in the scene to be seen through the infared LEDs no matter the distance from the camera. The Day/Night IR Cut filter and wide dynamic range allows clear images to be seen through different types of lighting, so the user can monitor scenes easier.

5GHz N300 Outdoor Wireless CPE

  • 2 x 2 MIMO Radio
  • Up to 3.16 miles PTP/PTMP wireless connection
  • IP66 Ingress Protection

Integrating a radio and directional antenna together, this product performs stable, wireless communication. Providing a site survey, link test, antenna alignment, spectrum analyzer, and ping and trace for configuration and debugging, this product contains all of the built-in tools you'll need. It is the wireless bridge that connects systems together.

4K 16CH 1.5U ePoE NVR

  • Use HDMI and VGA video output at the same time
  • ePoE technology
  • Smart H.265+ and H.264 Dual Codecs
  • Five-year warranty

This Network Video Recorder unit has an intelligent video system with up to 4K resolution that provides quality IP video surveillance. The NVR allows remote management and control, central storage, edge storage and back up storage options.

4MP IR Wifi 2.8 mm Mini Dome

  • IP67 Ingress Protection and IK10 Vandal Resistant
  • 4 MP at 20 fps
  • Smart H.265+ and Smart H.264 Dual Codec
  • Five-year warranty

The high-resolution 2.8 mm lens camera connects to WiFi. With the day/night filter, it captures clear images with a maximum IR distance of 98 feet away. Its compact package makes moving and mounting it simple and affordable.

4K 4CH Compact 1U Wifi NVR

  • Two antennas are needed for a strong wireless signal
  • Multi-user access
  • Best for monitoring homes, retail stores, warehouses, schools an
  • Five-year warranty

Immediately detecting WiFi-enabled IP cameras in its vicinity, the WiFi Network Video Recorder will naturally connect to the cameras without the need of an advanced setup process. To have the most expansive coverage area, this NVR supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n.