Southern Iowa Technologies' products capture details to keep its users safe, but in order for the products to work efficiently, they'll need to be installed correctly and orderly. Our dependable service and high quality products can provide you with assurance that your property will be monitored, and it will detect when something is out abnormal.


To connect our products and allow instant performance, SIT organizes the cables to provide functional surveillance. If you want our quality products installed to monitor your space or need assistance resolving a chaotic cable issue, our team of specialists are available to get you back up to speed.

Fiber Optics

By installing our fiber optic technology, our customers' SIT products have a stronger signal, so they are assured their systems are successfully and safely transferring data.


Switches save time and money because of its ability to connect products—such as cameras, computers, phones, etc.—together. The products that are commonly found in offices and schools can easily be connected for better productivity with SIT's expertise.


SIT's routers enable WiFi so products can be used and controlled from anywhere. For example, our WiFi cameras give our users access to monitor what they want, when they want after we install the best camera for their location.

Wireless Solutions

Our customers like to be mobile and not chained down to one area, so SIT provides wireless solutions.

UPS Battery System Backups

SIT's uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is the backup battery for when unexpected power outages occur. To help our customers safely operate their technology, the UPS can allow them to continue to operate without delays.


In order for customers to have support for all of their input and output data, they'll need a server. SIT can resolve any miscommunication and install a server for better connections.