Industries Served

Southern Iowa Technologies has a variety of industries we serve who utilizes our products to enhance their business such as monitored security, intercom systems and fiber optics. Even though each industry we have installed products for serves different clientele, our products successfully produce results for each and every one of them.

Business Offices

Lawyer and doctor offices are where clients and patients share private information within the confidential walls of each building, and we can install products to safely keep that information private. Just how lawyers and doctors want the best for their customers, we do too. SIT has installed camera systems and access control readers so clients and patients can trust their financial and personal information is kept secure. To enhance the communication between offices and customers, we have also installed phone systems, intercom and paging systems as well as fiber optics.


For farmers to keep a close eye on their livestock and buildings, SIT has installed cattle barn cameras. Multiple agricultural locations have access to their cameras via wireless links. Using the easy to access system allows farmers to check on their animals’ safety and have a watchful eye on their building’s location.

Schools and Hospitals

Keeping children safe is one of the main focuses for schools, and our customers rely on our technology to do that. SIT has installed security cameras and access readers in schools to help schools keep track of who is in the building. The intercom and new phone systems provide communication throughout the building for announcements, so students and teachers can keep an organized schedule.

Our cameras have monitored hospitals to keep track of patients, visitors and the safety of the building—inside and outside. With the help of our access control readers, only personnel have authorization to be in sterile rooms which decreases the chance of bacteria. Also, our intercom and phone systems help hospital staff communicate about emergencies, incoming patients, files and more.

Industrial and Manufacturing

In the industrial and manufacturing fields of work, SIT has installed cameras to provide safety for our customers’ equipment and their employees. To make sure they continue to function properly, we have installed cameras on ice machines, large factory machines, boilers and trip wires to alarm overflow. For security purposes, our cameras have helped our customers monitor their outdoor equipment. In addition to cameras, our access control equipment tracks employees for payroll purposes and safety. To enter the front door of the workplace, we have installed scanners for staff to scan their badges, fingerprints or codes to enter building.