Business Offices

SIT has installed camera systems and access control readers so clients and patients can trust their financial and personal information is kept secure. To enhance the communication between offices and customers, we have also installed phone systems, intercom and paging systems as well as fiber optics.


For farmers looking to keep a close eye on their livestock, barns, and land, SIT has installed cameras with access to multiple agriculture locations via wireless links. This allows farmers to check on their animals’ safety and have surveillance over their buildings.

Schools and Hospitals

Keeping children safe is one of the main focuses for schools, and our customers rely on our technology to do that. SIT has installed security cameras and access readers in schools to help schools keep track of who is in the building.

Our cameras have monitored hospitals to keep track of patients, visitors and the safety of the building—inside and outside. With the help of our access control readers, only personnel have authorization to be in sterile rooms which decreases the chance of bacteria.

Industrial and Manufacturing

In the industrial and manufacturing fields of work, SIT has installed cameras to provide safety for our customers’ equipment and their employees. In addition to cameras, our access control equipment tracks employees for payroll purposes and safety. To increase security, we have installed scanners for staff to scan their badges, fingerprints or codes to enter the front door of the workplace.

No matter the industry, video surveillance can be a very useful tool to monitor facilities, visitors, staff, and your overall safety. At Southern Iowa Technologies, our staff will help you protect what is most important to you.

While security camera installation can seem like an easy DIY for users to do themselves, mistakes can be made that limit the success of the systems. Common mistakes made by users include buying faulty equipment, not installing enough cameras, positioning or focusing cameras incorrectly, failing to identify all security vulnerabilities in your home or business, and underestimating the complexity of the installation process.

A lack of security expertise could lead to wasted time and resources, or worse, lead to an undetected break-in. With professional security camera installation from Southern Iowa Technologies, you won’t have to stress about reading instructions or climbing ladders to install surveillance equipment.

With a wide array of choices in security camera technologies, trying to select the right security camera system can be overwhelming. At Southern Iowa Technologies, we specialize in helping our customers choose systems that best meet their security needs. We’ll take the time to deliver quality images, industry leading performance and long term reliability.

At Southern Iowa Technologies, we install a wide array of security camera systems, access control systems, phone systems, and more. Our surveillance camera experts can help guide you through your decision.

By delivering the best possible user experience, from installation to operation, we guarantee reliability and exceptional performance for all products.

Southern Iowa Technologies provides quality equipment through our product partner — Dahua Technology USA.